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The liquid granite
The liquid granite


Product composition: the system of liquid granite coating is composed of alkali resistant primer, molding aggregate, colored primer, main material surface coating and water-based finishing paint. The alkali resistant primer enhances the adhesion of art coating and the base, and reduces the water absorption of the basement, and plays a sealing role for the permeability of alkali and salt migration. The main material of liquid granite can form color, pattern, crystal section and three-dimensional texture, and can achieve enough hardness. And it can give the physical and chemical properties of high weather resistance to the paint-coat; The water-based coating agent in the outermost of the paint-coat system, it has the functions about water-repellent breathable, anti-pollution, anti-ultraviolet radiation, and anti-mold and algae.

The scope of application: Mountain villas, hotels, guesthouses, entertainment places, business clubs, cement fiberboards, plasterboards, plaster decoration lines, all kinds of wall boards, ceiling and other buildings of large area.

Advantages compared with the natural stones:

1. Comparison in safety performance

The dry hanging of natural stone will load thousands of tons of additional weight, which has safety risks of falling off. However, the liquid granite material (with putty) is only 1-2kg per square meter, accounting for 1/60 of the stone weight, and with its strong adhesion, there is no overall risk of falling off, which can ensure safety effectively.

2. Comparison in random:

It can deploy a variety of effect of the natural granite according to the natural stone material, with no chromatic aberration relatively.

3. The limitations of construction:

The construction of natural stone materials has certain limitations. special processing is required for the construction of complex surfaces such as concave and convex, with high cost and many joints. The liquid granite coating can be applied on any curved surface or complex surface (arc, strip, pattern, four grooves, and so on.), complete coverage with no joints.

4The harm to the environment and human body:

The stone hanging decoration buildings have radiation to the surrounding environment and is harmful to people's health. However, the liquid granite coating is pure water-based formula, with green and environmental protection and no radiation pollution.

5. Comparison in construction cost and cost:

The construction cost of dry hanging stone is 400-700 yuan per square meter, the construction cost is high and the construction period is long, while the market price of the liquid granite is far lower than the cost of dry hanging stone, and the construction period is short, by comparison, the liquid granite has absolute cost-performance advantage.

6. Comparison in design:

Through the construction of joints, pointing that it is fully displayed the decoration design effect of dry hanging stone, showing the perfect state which originates from the stone and is better than the stone.

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